Cover Sokolov A., Ternov I., Zhukovskii V., Borisov A. Quantum electrodynamics
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Quantum electrodynamics.

336 pp. (English).
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The book contains a systematic presentation of the basics of the classical and quantum theories of fields. It thoroughly treats the question of symmetry groups, with the property of gauge symmetry used to describe the electromagnetic field and Yang-Mills fields. Quantization of the electromagnetic field is presented within the framework of Coulomb and Lorentz gauges. Invariant perturbation theory is discussed and Feynman's rules are formulated. Examples ...(More)are considered that illustrate how to apply the tools of quantum electrodynamics in calculations of electrodynamic effects, namely, the Compton effect, bremsstrahlung. and quantum effects in synchrotron radiation. The authors wrote this text on the basis of lectures delivered at the Physics Faculty of Moscow State University. It is aimed at students majoring in physics, but can also be used as a textbook for institutions of higher learning where a course in theoretical physics is read.