Cover Klimov A. Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactors
Id: 8431

Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactors.

410 pp. (English). Hardcover.
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This book, written by A. Klimov who Is an experienced lecturer at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, expounds fundamentals of nuclear physics and operational principles of nuclear reactors. The main discussion concerns the physical substance of nuclear phenomena. Mathematical relations are only used when quantitative results are of significance. Brief conclusions, when given, are always well grounded. Force and energy are used as the basis to describe all nuclear phenomena as these two terms fully express the physical substance. The reader Is assumed to have some knowledge of physics and atomic structure. Other branches of physics are not referred to as all the information necessary is immediately given in the text. Other publications are only recommended if the reader is eager to know the phenomenon of Interest in more detail. For the subject to be well understood the same form of description of phenomena similar in their nature is, whenever possible, kept through the book. No simplifications are made which could be detrimental to the essence of the matter. All the Introductory material is contained in Chapter One. In what follows, many references are made to Chapter One as well as other chapters, which makes it possible for any section to be read without preliminary knowledge of the previous ones.