Cover -- The Executive Collection
Id: 34891

The Executive Collection

1890 pp. (English). Hardcover.
Комплект состоит из 7-ми книг. Обложки красн. цвета.
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Appley L.A. "Management in action. The Art of Getting Things Done Through People" 270 pg., 1956

Merrill H.F. "Classics in Management" 384 pg., 1960

Batten J.D. "Tough-Minded Management" 204 pg., 1963

Gellerman S.W. "Motivation and Productivity" 290 pg., 1963

Appley L.A. "The Management Evolution" 210 pg., 1963

Mitchel W.N. "The Business Executive in a Changing World" 206 pg., 1965

Dooher M.J., Marquis V. et all. "Effective Communication on the Job. A Guide for Supervisors and Executive" 326 pg., 1963