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Cover Grinin L.E., Grinin A.L. The Cybernetic Revolution and the Forthcoming Epoch of Self-Regulating Systems
Id: 220139
13.9 EUR

The Cybernetic Revolution and the Forthcoming Epoch of Self-Regulating Systems
Гринин Л.Е., Гринин А.Л. "От рубил до нанороботов. Мир на пути к эпохе самоуправляемых систем. (История технологий и описание их будущего)". (In English)

216 pp. (English). Paperback. ISBN 978-5-7057-4877-8.

The monograph presents a coherent account of the major technological changes starting from the emergence of Homo sapiens until present and outlines the prospects of technological development in the next 30-60 years.

What determines a society's transition from one level of development to another? One of the most fundamental reasons is global technological transformations. Among all major technological breakthroughs, the most important are three produc-tion revolutions: 1) the Agrarian Revolution; 2) the Industrial Revolution; and 3) the Cybernetic one. The book introduces the theory of production revolutions which is a valuable explanatory paradigm to analyze causes and trends of the dramatic shifts in history. The authors describe the course of technological transformations and also demonstrate a possible application of the theory to explain the present and forthcoming technological changes. They show that the main trend of the Cybernetic Revolution will be the development of various self-regulating systems.

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