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Stavraki George L. Quantum Field Model of the Geometric Extension. Stavraki George L., Ganebnykh Sergey N. Group Decomposition in the Special Grand Unification Model in High Energy Physics

URSS. 104 pp. (English). Paperback. ISBN 978-5-396-00724-6.
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This publication contains the English translation of of the corrected text of two articles (I,II) by G.L.Stavraki and S.N.Ganebnykh from the Computing Centre of RAS.

The article I the author develop a model of space-time, proposed G.L.Stavraki in 2005 (Grav.&Cosmol.V.12,227-230,2006) and describe in detail in the book "Model of Space-Time as a Field Noncommutative Causal Structure" (URSS,Moskow,2009).

Conclusions and specific consequences of this model are given.

The article II the authors construct new algorithms for the decompositions of representions of groups. Using these algorithms they select in the model from the original fermion group multiplet multiplet the subg with quantum numbers of observed fermions.

About the authors
George L. Stavraki
Theoretical physicist, currently researcher, Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control”, Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1966 his report on the International school on high energy physics (Yalta) suggested the possibility of local descriptions of a system of interacting boson and fermion fields within the framework of a unified closed algebra that generalizes the canonical commutation relations, and was the first to define the concept of Lie superalgebras (referred to as K-algebras) and to construct an example of a simple Lie superalgebra. In 1990 the “Theoretical and mathematical physics” journal published his first version of the operator-field model of space-time as a virtual causal structure. In 2009 he published a book, “Model of Space-Time as a Field Noncommutative Causal Structure” (M.: URSS) detailing the construction of the model and giving consequences that determine the characteristics of the group charge of its basic fields.
Sergey N. Ganebnykh
Graduated from the Department of Control and Applied Mathematics of the Moscow Physical Technical Institute in 1991. He is currently a scientific researcher at the Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientific interests include pattern recognition, image analysis, Lie group decomposition. He is the author of 30 publications.

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