Cover Gazzaniga Michael S., Ivry Richard B., Mangun G. R. Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind [Unabridged]
Id: 189702

Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind [Unabridged]. Ed.2

782 pp. (English). Hardcover. Second-hand. Condition: 5-. Блок текста: 5. Обложка: 4++. Энциклопедический формат (220мм x 280мм). Полноцветная печать. Мелованная бумага//.
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The second edition of "Cognitive Neuroscience" strengthens the text's interdisciplinary approach to understanding how the human mind works by introducing over 400 new citations and two new chapters. This volume also features increased coverage of computational modelling, discussions of prominent methodological advances and an enhanced art programme. Throughout the text, clinical case studies anchor science to the realm of human experience. These narratives - which explore disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease - invite students to consider realities behind the scientific research. This undergraduate text reinforces central concepts with a variety of pedagogical elements, including: chapter-opening vignettes; key terms; thought-provoking questions; chapter summeries; suggested readings; and a glossary. Feature boxes such as "Milestones in Cognitive Neuroscience", "How the Brain Works" and "The Cognitive Neuroscientist's Toolkit", highlight cognitive neuroscience in action.