Cover Adelman George., Smith Barry H. Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, Third Edition, Third Edition [CD-ROM]
Id: 189699

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, Third Edition, Third Edition [CD-ROM]. 3Ed

  • Paperback

The Encyclopedia of Neuroscience on CD-ROM is designed to make the neurosciences readily accessible to both the specialist and non-specialist reader. This landmark work, with its broad scope and interdisciplinary coverage, has become an essential reference and learning tool for everyone involved in the study of the brain and how it mediates behavior.

This 3rd Edition CD-ROM has been further expanded and significantly updated, in most cases by the ...(More)original authors. The Encyclopedia represents the culmination of a massive international effort to present the neurosciences in one concise source, and includes contributions from renowned experts in their respective fields from around the world, including several Nobel Prize winners. 18% of the approximately 900 entries are new, 60% are completely revised and updated.

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* Improved search functionality with extensive cross-linking between articles of relevance

* Includes over 100 completely new entries and over half of the original articles are revised and updated

* Provides useful weblinks to relevant neuroscience websites

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