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Karional industrial conference board. Technical Education in relation to the Metal Trades Industries

10 pp. (English).
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Karional industrial conference board.

Technical Education in relation to the Metal Trades Industries

SummarYnjtffhpiifflftf111 tR of an Investigation


nar"Drn!-, .^Technical Education in Rplatinn to the ^ Met.« TradplÄÄ, , /" 7

Tiio pur,.-- .es et -r. Kurve)' were to discover to what c":tenr the nutal trades : dustries use technically trained ! 'nen, what positions ui -" men hold, how the industries

absorb them, and wfvo nn-rhpr training is provided for them, and to determine th" km.I of technical training in colleges which will better qualify their graduates for executive and administrative, as well as technical, positions in the industry. From this information it is intended draw deductions regarding what is necessary to insure a closer and more responsive relationship between technical education and industry.

Throughout this summary the term "technical education" refers to all such engineering and scientific education as is usually given in institutions of recognized college grade. In like manner "technical men" and "technical ^•^raduates'^reter to those who have had technical train-™% of-'Ctrffege grade. Because many men in industry are .g^fcduales of other than technical college courses, these i * have be?!te|j$onsidered and referred to as men who have taken "other than engineering courses." The term "college." when used alone, includes all colleges, whether tech-nicalv""rVnot.

Table fWjvrs the composite summary or the reports received frorn «^_of the companies cooperating. These figures cover oloVpiants and more than 106,500 employees. This figure is about oneeighth of the total number oi employees in the metal trades irulii-rrv; that i", manufacturers of iron and Mit! and their product*, excluder rolling mills and blast furnaces. Inasmuch as all size, of plants are included, from the vcrv small to the verv lar^re, the data upun which rlus report is b.iM-d are lie-

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