Cover -- Supplementary Data For Users of Armco Spiral. Welded Pipe and Armco Calco Portable Pipe
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Supplementary Data For Users of Armco Spiral. Welded Pipe and Armco Calco Portable Pipe

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Supplementary Data For Users of Armco Spiral Welded Pipe and Armco Calco Portable Pipe

The HANDBOOK OF WELDED STEEL PIPE was developed for technical uses. Application of this data to ARMCO Spiral Welded Pipe and ARMCO Calco Portable Pipe can be materially facilitated by using the information included in this resume of manufacturing ranges and limitations, supply points, and other specific data for these products.


1. Manufacturing Range of Diameters and Wall Thicknesses.

ARMCO Spiral Welded Pipe is fabricated in diameters from 4" to 36" (nominal outside diameter or with inside diameter equal to nominal). Full specifications on ARMCO Spiral Welded Pipe up to and including 36" are given on pages 205, 206 and 207 of the HANDBOOK OF WELDED STEEL PIPE. ARMCO does not manufacture Spiral Welded Pipe larger than 36" diameter.

2. Lengths Up to 50 Feet.

ARMCO Spiral Welded Pipe can be fabricated in any length up to 90', but railroad and steamship handling limitations normally restrict lengths to a maximum of 40' or 50'.

3. Uniform Wall Thickness.

Being fabricated of steel roUed to plate and sheet thickness tolerances, ARMCO Spiral Welded Pipe has uniform thickness throughout. Therefore, designs based upon theoretical thickness will attain correspondingly close limits in the finished pipe line.

4. Adaptable to Field Fabrication.

For field application, where it is impossible to anticipate fitting requirements, ARMCO Spiral Welded Pipe can be readily cut to special lengths and joined by butt welding or by welding a flange in position. Special fittings can be made on the job by cutting and welding the necessary parts from extra lengths of ARMCO Pipe. As an aid to our armed services, we will supply templets to permit field application of this very convenient method.