Cover -- Some methods of finishing concrete surfaces and making good defects
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Some methods of finishing concrete surfaces and making good defects

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Some methods of finishing concrete surfaces and making'good defects

the amount of finishing and of making good surface defects that may have to be done on a concrete job will depend mainly on how well the formwork was made and erected' and how carefully the concrete was placed. Little or ho making good will be necessary if the formwork has been well constructed and can be released without damaging the surface and arrises, and if the concrete has been properly placed and thoroughly compacted.

When finishing and making good are found to be necessary, the following notes will be helpful.

Making good on vertical surfaces

The formwork to vertical surfaces, such as beam sides, columns and walls, is normally removed about 24 hours after casting and any rubbing down or making good should be started immediately it is removed. If continuously moving formwork is used, a working platform is generally provided so that finishing can be done as the work proceeds.