Cover Deutsch E. Blood clotting factors. Symposium X
Id: 136096

Blood clotting factors. Symposium X. Vol.10

254 pp. (English). Hardcover.
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Vorwort: E. Detjtsch ......... xiii

Antihemophilic Factor (AHF): Some Aspects of its Biochemistry . . 1 К. M. Brlnkhous and Robert H. Wagner

Discussion .......... 12

Fixed Levels of Antihaemophilic Globulin in Health and Disease . . 17

F. Nour-Eldin

Chemistry of Prothrombin and Thrombin . . . . . .18

Walter H. Seegers

Some Biochemical, Physicochemical and Immunochemical Studies of Prothrombin and Proconvertin (Factor VII): their Biopathological Significance ........... 37

Benjamin Alexander

Discussion .......... 70

Die Biochemie der Gerinnungsfaktoren der Thrombozyten . . .75 Е. F. Luscher

Zur Biochemie der Thrombozyten ....... 92

R. Gross, G. W. Lohr und H. D. Waller

Biochemical Changes in Platelet-rich Plasma during Clotting . . .97

G. V. R. Born and M. P. Esnouf

Morphological Location of Platelet Factor-3 Activity in Normal Platelets . 105. S. A. Johnson, R. M. Sturrock and J. W. Rebuck

Discussion . . . . . . . . . .111

Bezichungen zwischen Konstitution und Gerinnungsaktivitat ciniger

synthetischer Phosphatide........115

W. Kain

Phospholipids in Blood Clotting........119

N.K. Sarkar

Biochemistry of Clotting Factors in Tissues and Erythrocytes . . 123

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