Cover Broda E., Frischniggemeyer W. Biochemistry of viruses. Symposium VII
Id: 136093

Biochemistry of viruses. Symposium VII. Vol.7

256 pp. (English). Hardcover.
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Foreword by W. Frisch-Niggemeyer ...... xi

Biosynthese des Tabakmosaikvirus ...... 1

Gerhard Schramm The Structural Basis of the Activity of Tobacco Mosaic Virus . . 9

H. Fraenkel-Conrat and В. Singer The Biochemical Basis of Tobacco Mosaic Virus Infeetivity . . 17

Barry Commoner

Biochemische Bedingungen der Vermehrung der Viren . . . 31 V. L. Ryzkov

The Properties of Fragments of Tobacco Mosaic Virus ... 45 N. W. Pirie

Die Eigenschaften der infektiosen Einheit des Tabakmosaikvirus . . 58 A. Geirer

Erzeugung von Mutanten des Tabakmosaikvirus durch chemische

Veriinderung seiner Nukleinsaure in vitro ..... 62

K. W. Mundry and A. Geier The Structure of the Infectious Ribonucleic Acid of Tobacco Mosaic 66 Virus ...........

W. Ginoza

Discussion .......... 69

The Occurrence of Methylated Purines in Nucleic Acids: Their Distribution in Cell and Virus Nucleic Acids ..... 72

D. В. Dunn and J. D. Smith Chemistry of some Virus Variants ....... 80

С. A. Knight

Electrophoretic Experiments on the Nucleic Acid from Tobacco Mosaic

Virus ........... 85

W. H. Takahashi

Biological Effects of 5-Fluorouracil on Tobacco Mosaic Virus . . 87 M. Staehelin and M. P. Gordon Discussion .......... 89

The Characteristic Polarographic Effect of Tobacco Mosaic Virus . 90

Gabriel Ruttkay-Nedecky Structure and Chemistry of Insect Viruses ..... 95

G. H. Bergold

Discussion .......... 98

Biochemistry of the Avian Leukemia Viruses ..... 99__ J. W. Beard, R. A. Bonar, G. S. Beaudreau, С. Becker and Dorothy Beard Discussion . . . . . . . . . .117