Cover Fred Hamlin The Aircraft year book. For 1956
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The Aircraft year book. For 1956

484 pp. (English). Hardcover. Second-hand. Condition: 4+. Есть погашенная библиотечная печать.
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table of contents

Aviation Books Published in the United States in 1956 8

Summary Statistics 26

Aviation Events, 1956 63

The Industry 83

Aircraft 83

Engines 139

Propellers 162

Systems and Components 167

Department of Defense 197

Government Agencies in Aviation 207

Manpower 231

Research and Development 233

Guided Missiles 245

The Airlines 255

Utility Aircraft 279

Helicopters 283

Planes in Production 285

Engines in Production 364

1956 Day by Day Chronology 380

Л Chronology of U. S. Aviation • 392

Directory of Information Sources 408

Official Records ' ■.. 420

rudex 472

Index to Advertisers 484