Cover Musin V.A., Kropachev N.M. Russian law in brief: Digest for foreign investors. (In English)
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Russian law in brief: Digest for foreign investors. (In English). Second Revised Edition
«La ley rusa en extracto: Recopilación para inversores extranjeros». (In English).
«Russisches Gesetz in Kürze: Auswahl für ausländische Investoren». (In English).
«La loi russe en bref: Digest pour les investisseurs étrangers». (In English).
«La legge russa in breve: Digest per gli investitori stranieri». (In English).
«Direito russo em resumo: resumo para investidores estrangeiros». (In English).

624 pp. (English). Hardcover. ISBN 978-5-91661-021-5.
Мусин В.А., Кропачев Н.М. «Российское законодательство вкратце: дайджест для иностранных инвесторов». (In English).

The Edition provides foreigners with a comprehensive review of the Russian Legal System, court system, legislative rules referred to business with foreign investors, encompasses the major changes and development in law, examines in details renewed Russian legislation. The prospective foreign investors, as well as his or her lawyer, should find this Handbook a helpful distillation of the various legal issues that could arise within the context of an investment decision.