Cover Basniev K.S., Dmitriev N.M., Chilingar G.V. Mechanics of fluid (gas-oil-water) flow
Id: 123804

Mechanics of fluid (gas-oil-water) flow

568 pp. (English). ISBN 978-5-93972-813-3.
  • Hardcover

The movement of fluids (water/oil/gas) in various media (channels, pipelines, fractured and fractured-porous subsurface formations) is described mathematically in this book. The writers used the unified systematic approach based on the continuity and conservation laws of continuum mechanics. The topics covered include: (1) hydrostatics, (2) Bernoulli’s equation, (3) permanence rules in integral and differential forms, (4) flow of compressible and incompressible ...(More)fluids, (5) flow of ideal and viscous fluids, (6) flow in fractured and fractured-porous reservoir rocs, (7) turbulent flow, and (8) two-phase flow. The book can be used both as a textbook and reference book by engineers and geologists, both students and professionals.СОДЕРЖАНИЕ:PREFACEPART I. FUNDAMENTALS OF THE MECHANICS OF CONTINUACHAPTER I. BASIC CONCEPTS OF THE MECHANICS OF CONTINUAIntroduction1. Continuity hypothesis2. Mo...

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