Cover Volodko Yu.I. Compressed air laminar outflowing into the atmosphere and fuelless monothermal motor
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Compressed air laminar outflowing into the atmosphere and fuelless monothermal motor

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The forces acting on a slit nozzle cut-off at compressed air laminar outflowing into the atmosphere are investigated. On base of calculations and experimental investigations a fuelless monothermal motor is offered that is a hypothetical power unit for getting mechanical (or electrical) energy without spending any fuel only due to cooling the atmospheric air passing through the unit. The exhaust of the cooling air is the single kind of this motor acting ...(More)upon the surround medium. A new principle of flight and the corresponding flying apparatus are also considered.

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1. Theoretical consideration of compressed air laminar outflowing

2. Preliminary experiment on air filtration through the powder magnesia insulation of a heat-resistant cable

3. Measuring technique of the main experiment

4. Results of the measurements

5. Discussion of the theoretical and experimental data

6. Engineering applications

7. Thermodynamic analysis of fuelless monothermal motor operation

7.1. Isothermal compression in the compressor

7.2. Adiabatic compression in the compressor

7.3 On thermal coefficient of efficiency of the fuelless monothermal motor

8. On possibility of creating the fuelless monothermal motor operating model

8.1. Correlation between the peripheral velocity of the revolving rotor of the expander and the air velocity in the slit

8.2. On creating the "desk" variant of an operating model of a fuelless monothermal motor

8.3. Discussing the possibility of creating a full-scale model

8.4. Some considerations about the construction of the rotor of a slit expander

8.5. Creating of the operating model of a fuelless mono-thermal motor and public opinion


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