Cover Joseph Pleck H. and Jack Sawyer Men and masculinity
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Men and masculinity

184 pp. (English). Paperback. Second-hand. Condition: 4+. .
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MEN AND MASCULINITY describes how this role is learned, how it limits men, and how men today are freeing themselves from it.

In this book, men speak from many viewpoints---student and mid-career, married and single, gay and straight, established social scientist and radical critic. They relate their experiences with the masculine role in such settings as a high school dance, a baseball field, a child-care center, and a sociology department.

Edited by two psychologists who are among the many men now questioning the masculine role in their own lives, MEN AND MASCULINITY presents psychological and sociological studies that show how suppression of emotion and anxiety about achievement restrict men's ability to work, play, and love freely.

Contributors to this volume illustrate how institutions exploit the masculine role to promote their own goals---"Be a man," says the Army, as it teaches men to kill.