Cover Gene Marine A Male Guide to Women's Liberation
Id: 119495

A Male Guide to Women's Liberation

310 pp. (English). ISBN 0-03-001046-2. Second-hand. Condition: 4+. .
  • Hardcover

Can men know what liberated women really want? Gene Marine thinks they can. In this indispensable handbook on the women's liberation movement he explains clearly and dispassionately one of the major controversies of our time. Addressing himself to the American male who feels embattled --- engaged in a contest he doesn't understand over issues he is only dimly aware of---Marine analyzes the problems currently concerning women from job equality to marriage ...(More)to role conditioning and the question of "sexuality." He also analyzes the "masculinism" of American society (perpetuated in the family, in children's books, in school, and throughout our popular culture and mass media) and deals with what is behind the typical male stereotypes about the ugly, frustrated, man-hating liberated woman. Written to promote understanding on both sides of the barricades, A Male Guide to Women's Liberation should be read by men and women alike.

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