Cover Joe L. Dubbert А man's place masculinity in transition
Id: 119494

А man's place masculinity in transition

324 pp. (English). ISBN 0-13-552059-2. Second-hand. Condition: 4+. .
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1. The Case for Studying Men and Masculinity, 1

2. Shaping the Ideal During the Masculine Century, 13

3. The Civil War: Manliness through Combat, 55

4. Currents of Confusion: Men and Women, 1880-1900, 80

5. The Bull Moose Mentality, 122

6. From Battlefield to Ballfield: The Rise of Sport, 1880-1920, 163

7. War to Depression: Preserving Masculine Control, 191

8. Perils of the Masculine Mystique since 1940, 230

Epilogue, 302

Essay on Sources, 307

Index, 317