Cover -- Lenin in Soviet Poetry
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Lenin in Soviet Poetry

320 pp. (English). Hardcover. Second-hand. Condition: 4+. .
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This book includes the verses of numerous Soviet poets belonging to different nationalities dedicated to Lenin. It represents, as it were, an anthology of Soviet poetry covering sixty-two years of its history. On its pages, the reader will find poems and excerpts dating from the earliest days of the Great October Revolution to the current decade. The authors are poets of different generations: Vladimir Mayakovsky and Sergei Yesenin, Boris Pasternak and Demyan Bedny, Nikolai Tikhonov and Alexander Tvardovsky, Ilya Selvinsky and Nikolai Zabolotsky, Maxim Rylsky, Mikola Bazhan, Rassul Gamzatov, Andrei Voznesensky, Yevgeni Yevtushenko, David Kugultinov, and many others.

The collection is designed as a poetic chronicle of Lenin's life and work, an unbroken narrative depicting the brilliant personality of the great man---thinker, revolutionary, fighter, statesman, leader of the October Revolution. The verses are accompanied by documentary photographs, helping the reader to visualise the historic events of the time, and to obtain a deeper and fuller idea of Lenin's personality. Simultaneously, Progress Publishers are putting out two more similarly designed books from the series "V. I. Lenin in Soviet Literature": About Lenin and A Remarkable Year. Three Novels. *