Cover Hyman David N. Microeconomics
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668 pp. (English). Paperback.
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PART I Introduction to Economics


1 Economics: What It's All About

Basic Tools for Analyzing Economic Relationships

2 The Economic Way of Reasoning: Models and

Marginal Analysis

3 Production Possibilities and Opportunity


Part II Supply and Demand: Markets and the Price System

4 Market Transactions: Basic Supply and Demand Analysis

5 Using Supply and Demand Analysis

6 The Price System: How It Functions and

When It Fails

7 Elasticity of Supply and Demand

part III Product Markets:

Microeconomic Analysis

8 Consumer Choice and the Theory of Demand

Indifference Curve Analysis

9 The Business Firm: A Prologue to the Theory

of Market Supply

10 Production and Cost

Isoquant Analysis: Choosing the Method of Production

11 The Profit-Maximizing Competitive Firm and

Market Supply

12 Long-Run Supply in Competitive Markets

13 Monopoly

14 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

Oligopoly Strategies and the Theory of Games

part IV Government as a Regulator in Markets and as a Provider of Services: Microeconomic Analysis

15 Antitrust Policy and Regulation of Markets

16 Market Failure and the Role of Government in Allocating Resources

17 Externalities and the Environment: Policy Analysis

18 Subsidizing Agriculture and Industries: The Economics of Special-Interest Groups

19 The Government Sector and the Economy:

Expenditures, Revenues, and Public Choice

part v Input Markets and Incomes: Microeconomic Analysis

20 Input Markets and the Demand for


21 Labor Markets, Labor Productivity, and Personnel Management

22 Imperfectly Competitive Input Markets: Labor Unions, Monopsony, and Bilateral Monopoly

23 Interest, Rents, and Profit

24 The Distribution of Income and the

Economics of Poverty

part VI. International Economic Issues

25 International Trade, Productivity, and the Economics of Less Developed Countries

26 The Economics of Foreign Exchange and the Balance of International Trade

27 Economics and Ideology: Socialism vs Capitalism