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Cover Maryla Webb, Judith Jacobsen U.S. carrying capacity: an introduction
Id: 107251

U.S. carrying capacity: an introduction

80 pp. (English). Paperback. Second-hand. Condition: 4+. .
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U.S. Fisheries

The Wood Situation

Projected Demand and Supply

Constraints on U.S.Wood Supply

The World's Forests

The Food Picture

Cropland Loss

Prospects for Increasing Yields

An Outlook for 2000

The State of our Rangelands

The Carrying Capacity of the Range

Meeting Beef Demand

The Global Range

The "Fifth System"---Energy

Petroleum and Natural Gas Supplies


The Nuclear Non-Option

Solar Uncertainties

Cutting Consumption

Population Options

Fertility and Immigration

Age Compositions and Dependency Ratios



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