Cover -- Proceedings of the portofino meeting on energy-problems in greater europe
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Proceedings of the portofino meeting on energy-problems in greater europe

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The Portofino workshop of April 1991 on energy problems in Greater Europe, organized by Ansaldo, World Lab, and the USSR Academy of Sciences was an important occasion for dialogue in the framework of the "European Energy Charter". Solid foundations were laid during the two days of intensive discussions regarding the interconnection of electrical power networks and the integration of major gas pipelines, both of which represent the physical structures ...(More)envisaged in the united Europe we are trying to build.

The letter from the Prime Minister, the Hon. Giulio Andreotti, confirms the Italian government's interest in the matters discussed in Portofino. As well as fulfilling our commitment to make the conclusions known, these published proceedings also demonstrate our hope for increasingly concrete collaboration between Italy and the new Union of Soviet Republics.

The milestone of January 1, 1993 is rapidly approaching, when the EEC common market, based on the free circulation of peoples, goods, capital and services, comes into effect, setting the stage for a historical period of change. A market of these dimensions, more than 300 million people, cannot be without a common energy strategy. Bilateral relations and discussions between Soviet and Italian energy sector operators stimulate an acceleration of the process of expanding integration processes.

One of the objectives of the "European Energy Charter" is to promote exchanges of technology and cooperation in the framework of research, technological development and innovation. In Portofino the common intention to develop pilot projects was expressed, and measures were taken to establish a more stable framework for the dialogue underway.

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1) Letter from the Hon. Giulio Andreotti, Prime Minister

2) Introduction by Bruno Musso

3) Report by Antonio Zichichi

4) Report by Sergio Garribba

5) Report by A. A. Troizkij

6) Report by Antonio La Pergola

7) Report by Y. K. Semionov

8) Report by V. S. Chernomyrdin

9) Report by Fabrizio Caccia Dominioni presented by Enzo Millich

10) Report by C. Popov

11) Contribution by Felice Ippolito

12) Report by A. De Cata

13) Additional contribution by Fabrizio Caccia Dominioni


Summary of the workshop and conclusions