Cover Max Schnepf Farmland, Food and the Future
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Farmland, Food and the Future

214 pp. (English). Paperback. ISBN 0-935734-03-1. Second-hand. Condition: 4+. .
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Agricultural Land Retention and Conversion Issues: An Introduction John F. Timmons

Trends in Agricultural Land Use

R. I. Dideriksen, A. R. Hidlebaugh, and К. O. Schmude

Agricultural Land Conversion in the Urban Fringe Robert E. Coughlin

Nonurban Competition for Farmland J. Dixon Esseks

Land Market Issues Robert G. Healy

Agricultural Land Use: A Population Distribution


David L. Brown

The Ethical Dimension of Farmland Protection R. Neil Sampson

Agricultural Land Use: A Technological and Energy Perspective Pierre Crosson

Land as a Factor of Agricultural Production Marion Clawson

10 Farmland and the Future Charles E. Little

11 A Farmer/Rancher View of Agricultural Land Retention Issues

Hector Macpherson

12 The Changing Role of the Federal Government in Farmland Retention

W. Wendell Fletcher

13 Evolution of Land Use Policy in USDA Norman A. Berg

14 States' Role in Farmland Retention Richard С. Collins

15 Local Programs to Save Farms and Farmlands William Toner

16 The European Experience with Farmland Protection: Some Inferences

Dallas Miner and Martin Chorich