Cover Federico Mayor Scientific Research and Social Goals Towards a New Development Model
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Scientific Research and Social Goals Towards a New Development Model

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Preface: Science, Technology and Social Priorities



Federico Mayor

Djermen Gvishiani

Augusto Forti, Henri Hogbe-Nlend, Oscar Nudler and Olga Zakharova

Section 1. Research and Human Needs

Research and Human Needs: a Challenge and a Hope Andre Danzin National Policy Implications of the Basic Needs Model K. Soedjatmoko

Closing the Widening Gap

Scientific Progress and the Social Goals of Science

Science and Intellectual Needs

Science and Human Needs: An Artist's Response

В. M. Udgaonkar Djermen Gvishiani Ignacy Malecki Bibi Anderssen

Section 2. Methodologies: Practices and Perspectives

Introduction: An International Programme on Research

and Human Needs Augusto Forti

The Role of Methodology in the Research and Human Augusto Forti Needs Programme and Olga Zakharova

Research Priorities and Human Needs A Human Needs Approach to Science

Carlos Mailman Oscar Nudler

Assessing the Contribution of Research to Human

Needs: a Possible Methodology S. A. Petrovsky

Human Needs and Global Development Models N. I. Lapin

and V. V. Yurchenko

An Action Programme on Research and Human Needs В. M. Udgaonkar

Section 3. Global, Regional and National Approaches

Research and Human Needs: an Attack on Global

Problems Sam Nilsson

The Research and Human Needs Programme in Latin

America Oscar Nudler

Science, Technology and a New Model of Human Needs Andre Danzin

Research and Human Needs: the African Perspective Henri Hogbe-Nlend

Problems of Developing Countries: Some Case Studies S. Radhakrishna

Section 4. Conclusions

Conclusions Sam Nilsson

Appendix: An Opportunity in Interdependence:

The Fulfilment of Basic Needs Magda Cordell McHale