Cover Chennat Gopalakrishnan Natural resources and energy: Theory and Policy
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Natural resources and energy:
Theory and Policy

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Part 1

Theoretical Perspectives

1. The Economics of Water Transfer


Water Transfer and Economic Development

Allocation of Water Among Competing Uses

Water Transfer: Efficiency vs Equity

2. The Doctrine of Prior Appropriation and Its Impact on Water Development: A Critical Study



Doctrine of Prior Appropriation: Theory

Prior Appropriation in the Western States: Practice


3. Multinational Corporations, Nation-States and Ocean Resource Management: The Impact of a 200-Mile Economic Zone


Impact of Extended Jurisdiction

MNC and Nation-States: Partners in Development

Alternative Futures of World Order: A Third Dimension Conclusions

Estimating Energy Requirements for Agriculture: Some Methodological Issues


Energy Requirement Estimation

Energy Flow Model for Agriculture

Economic Energy

Dimensions of Energy Studies


Part 2 Case Studies

Water Resource Development: Some Institutional Aspects: A Case History of Montana


The Legal Framework

Conservancy Districts

Role of State Agencies

Role of Federal Government

Conservation vs Dam Building


Economic Growth Through Water Resource Development: India


Developing India's Water Resources: Objectives

Impact of Water Development on Indian Economy

Role of Water in the "Green Revolution"

Employment Potential

India's Water Planning: A Critical Appraisal

Institutional Constraints


7. Some Institutional Constraints to Coastal Zone Management: A Case Study of Hawaii


Shoreline Ownership: Oligopoly in Action

Conflict of Interests: The Swing of the Pendulum

Jurisdictional Overlapping: The Shadowy Landscape

Public Interest: The Forgotten Dimension


8. Coastal Zone Use Conflicts and Their Identification: The Use of Compatibility Matrixes


Shoreline Development and Use Conflicts

Impact on Public Interest

Identifying Use Conflicts: The Use of Compatibility Matrixes

9. Economic Potential of Bagasse as an Alternative Energy Source: The Hawaiian Experience


Institutional Setting

Bagasse as an Energy Source

The Hawaiian Experience

Optimizing Bagasse Use