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Books in Portuguese (50)
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Kremenetski N.N., Chterenlikht D.Y., Alichey V.M., Iakovlevа L.V.
Hidráulica. Aplicaçoes da mecánica dos fluidos na agricultura
360 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. Rare book.
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Krasnov M., Kisseliov A.I., Makarenko G.I.
Análise vectorial.
160 pp. (Portuguese). Paperback. Rare book.
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Krasnov M.L., Kiselev A.L., Makarenko G.I.
Problemas de equações diferenciais ordinárias
308 pp. (Portuguese). Paperback. Used book: scored 4++ of 5. Rare book.
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304 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 49.9 EUR
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Bodiаjina V.I.
Manual de obstetricia.
416 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. Rare book.
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480 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. Rare book.

Esta obra distingue-se dos manuais de Mecanica habituais pela estreita relaçio que nela se estabelece entre esta ciincia e capítulos avançados da Matematica, nomeadamente, no campo da Geometria Diferencial.

Й com a ajuda deste aparelho matematicQ que sao estudados os problemas fundamentais da dinamica... (More)

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Bugrov Ya.S., Nikolski S.M.
Equações diferenciais ordinárias...
400 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 49.9 EUR
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392 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 35 EUR
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Belsky A.A., Kalujnin L.A.
Iniciacao na matematica. Divisao inexata
80 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 11.9 EUR
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88 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 11.9 EUR
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832 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. Rare book.
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Loban K., Polozok E.
O paludismo.
280 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 39.9 EUR
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228 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. Rare book.
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Kikóine I.K., Kikóine A.K.
Física 2
272 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. Advance order is required Rare book.
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512 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. Rare book.
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400 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 39.9 EUR
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Denejni P., Stiskin G., Tkhor I.
Manual do torneiro.
248 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. 35 EUR
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268 pp. (Portuguese). Paperback. 9.9 EUR
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(Portuguese). Paperback. 6.9 EUR
Information / Order
152 pp. (Portuguese). Hardcover. Advance order is required Rare book.
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