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1335 руб.
URSS. 2019. 216 с. Твердый переплет.

The book presents the dynamic theory of gravitational interaction — gravidynamics, which agrees with modern theories of other fields, e.g. classical electrodynamics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics. Gravitational field is seen as consisting of two components — the tensor and the scalar... (Подробнее)

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1599 руб.
2004. 574 с. Твердый переплет. The book is new. The state is rated 9+ (out of 10): Text and cover: 9+; Dust cover: 9.

From Brian Greene, one of the world's leading physicists, comes a grand tour of the universe that makes us look at reality in a completely different way.

Space and time form the very fabric of the cosmos. Yet they remain among the most mysterious of concepts. Is space an entity? Why does time have a... (Подробнее)

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599 руб.
2003. 388 с. Мягкая обложка.

"On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the International Workshop SPECOM 2003 I am greeting you at Moscow State Linguistic University. We are happy to many familiar people who came to the annual workshop before and new people who participate in the event for the first time. It means that we are going... (Подробнее)

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Редкая книга.
1956. 472 с. Твердый переплет. Букинист. Second hand. The state is rated 9 (out of 10).
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799 руб.
URSS. 2003. 248 с. Твердый переплет.

Will our Universe expand forever, or there is a Big Crunch coming up? How can the rate of the Universe expansion be measured in a laboratory? How does the boundary of space look?

How can Mach's principle be verified experimentally? How many stars are needed in order for the law of inertia to hold?... (Подробнее)

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Редкая книга.
1990. 856 с. Твердый переплет.

Vol. 2: 916 P.

Lie Groups and Representations

Real and Complex Analysis

Operator Algebras and Functional Analysis

Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Partial and Differential Equations

Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

Mathematical Physics


Mathematical... (Подробнее)

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Grinin L., Ilyin I., Korotayev A. (Ред.).
Globalistics and Globalization Studies
2012. 400 с. Мягкая обложка.

Today globalization can be treated as the most important global process. It is a multi-faceted phenomenon and in every country it has its own image. One can get a truly objective picture of the rapidly changing and integrating world only through a synthesis of all those particular visions. In the present... (Подробнее)

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2012. 320 с. Мягкая обложка.

The present monograph considers some macrohistorical trends along with the aspects of globalization. Macrohistory is history on the large scale that tells the story of the entire world or of some major dimensions of historical process. For the present study three aspects of macrohistory have been chosen.... (Подробнее)

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Grinin L., Korotayev A., Carneiro R.L., Spier F. (Ред.).
Evolution: Cosmic, Biological, and Social
2011. 296 с. Мягкая обложка.

The almanac is helpful for those who study interdisciplinary macroproblems as well as for specialists working within specific trends, and also for those who to a greater or lesser extent are interested in the evolutionary problems of astrophysics, geology, biology, history, anthropology, linguistics;... (Подробнее)

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Grinin L., Korotayev A., Rodrigue B.H. (Ред.).
Evolution: A Big History Perspective
2011. 296 с. Мягкая обложка.

This issue of the almanac aims at filling the gap in the mega-evolutionary research. The Editors believe that the present Almanac, which brings together scientists working in different areas of the vast evolutionary field, will hopefully make a contribution to this process.The contributions to this volume... (Подробнее)

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Grinin L., Herrmann P., Korotayev A., Tausch A. (Ред.).
History and mathematics: Processes and Models of Global Dynamics
2010. 296 с. Мягкая обложка.

A more and more important role is played by new directions in historical research that study long-term dynamic processes and quantitative changes. This kind of history can hardly develop without the application of mathematical methods. The history is studied more and more as a system of various processes,... (Подробнее)

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Редкая книга.
1978. 568 с. Твердый переплет. Second-hand book. It looks as new, but the effect of the years is evident. The state is rated 9- (out of 10). The state of the dustcovers of the books is rated 7.5.
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1299 руб.
2003. 866 с. Твердый переплет. Second-hand book. It looks as new, but the effect of the years is evident. The general state is rated 9- (out of 10): Text: 9; Cover: 9-;.


Volume I: General, Extremal States of Matter, Astrophysics, High-Energy Physics, External Fields in Quantum Theory.

Volume II: Quantum Field Theory. Superstrings and Duality. Brane World and Quantum Gravity.


K.Alkalaev (Lebedev... (Подробнее)

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