Обложка Тарасова Т.И. Dozen Lessons From British History
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Dozen Lessons From British History

2017. 64 с. Мягкая обложка. ISBN 978-5-19-011177-4.

Dozen Lessons From British History highlights the most important periods in the history of Britain, stresses the role of particular monarchs, public leaders in political, economic, social, cultural and legal reforms. The Reader helps to acquire background knowledge and cross-cultural cometence for better understanding of spoken and written English and further studies in law, history, political and social sciences.

Key words: William the Conqueror, Henry I, Henry II, King John, Edward I, Henry VII Tudor, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, the Stuarts, Charles I, Charles II, James II, Glorious Revolution, Robert Walpole, The Victorian Era, Disraeli, British Empire, World War I, World War II, Margaret Thatcher's policies.