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Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory.
2011 Vol.1. Iss.4

URSS. 2011. 112 с. ISBN 978-5-453-00028-9.
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The aim of this journal is to publish original, high-quality research articles from a broad range of interests within combinatorics, number theory and allied areas. One volume of four issues is published annually.

Ryan Broderick (Evanston), Lior Fishman (Denton), Asaf Reich (Waltham)
Intrinsic Approximation on Cantor-like Sets, a Problem of Mahler Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: Dirichlet's approximation theorem, intrinsic, approximation, Cantor sets
 AMS Subject Classification: 11K60, 11J83 (Primary), 28A80 (Secondary)
Andrey Illarionov (Khabarovsk)
On the Asymptotic Distribution of Integer Matrices Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: distribution of integer matrices, local minimum, multidimensional continued fraction, average length of continued fraction
 AMS Subject Classification: 11J71, 11J70
Kohji Matsumoto (Nagoya), Hirofumi Tsumura (Tokyo)
Sum formulas for double polylogarithms with a shifting parameter and their derivatives Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: double zeta values, double polylogarithms, double L-values, sum formulas
 AMS Subject Classification: 11M32, 11M41
Alexandr Polyanskii (Moscow)
On the irrationality measure of certain numbers Файл в формате Adobe PDF
Davide Schipani (Zurich)
Sufficient and equivalent criteria for the Riemann Hypothesis Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: zeta function, Riemann hypothesis, sufficient conditions, equivalent criteria
 AMS Subject Classification: 11M06, 11M26