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Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory.
2011 Vol.1. Iss.3

URSS. 2011. 80 с. ISBN 978-5-453-00027-2.
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The aim of this journal is to publish original, high-quality research articles from a broad range of interests within combinatorics, number theory and allied areas. One volume of four issues is published annually.

Danila Cherkashin (Saint Petersburg)
On hypergraph cliques with chromatic number 3 Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: hypergraph, clique, chromatic number, covering number
 AMS Subject Classification: 05C15
Éva Czabarka (Columbia), Péter L. Erdős (Budapest), Virginia Johnson (Columbia), Anne Kupczok (Vienna), László Székely (Columbia)
Asymptotically normal distribution of some tree families relevant for phylogenetics, and of partitions without singletons Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: set partition, generating function, tree, phylogeny, asymptotic enumeration, central limit theorem, local limit theorem
 AMS Subject Classification: 05A15, 05A16, 05A18, 05C05
Dmitriy Frolenkov (Moscow)
Numerically Explicit Version of the Pólya-Vinogradov Inequality Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: Dirichlet character, character sums, Pólya-Vinogradov inequality
 AMS Subject Classification: 11L40
Mubariz Garaev (Mexico)
On the number of common values of arithmetic functions φ and σ below x Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: Euler's function, sum of divisor's function, zeros of L-functions
 AMS Subject Classification: 11A25, 11M20, 11N25
Alexey Glibichuk (Haifa)
Average estimate for additive energy in prime field Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: finite fields, sum-product sets, exponential sums
 AMS Subject Classification: 11T23, 11B13
Victor Zamaraev (Nizhny Novgorod)
Almost all factorial subclasses of quasi-line graphs with respect to one forbidden subgraph Файл в формате Adobe PDF
 Keywords: hereditary class of graphs, factorial class, quasi-line graphs
 AMS Subject Classification: 05C30