Обложка Аникст А., Корнилова Е. Избранные английские стихотворения классических и современных поэтов. С комментариями и со словарём // A Selection of English Poems Classical and Modern
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Избранные английские стихотворения классических и современных поэтов. С комментариями и со словарём // A Selection of English Poems Classical and Modern

1952. 192 с. Мягкая обложка. Букинист. Состояние: 4+. .

Книга „Избранные английские стихотворения классических и современных поэтов" предназначается как пособие по изучению английского языка в IX и X классах средней школы и имеет целью познакомить учащихся с избранными стихотворениями английских и американских поэтов.

К стихотворениям даны вступительные заметки об авторах и тематике данных произведений, а также подстрочные примечания, в которых переводятся и поясняются трудные обороты речи.


Методические указания

Popular Ballads

Robin Hood Rescuing the Widow's Three Sons

Get Up and Bar the Door

King John and the Shepherd

William Shakespeare

Romeo's Description of Juliet's Beauty

Othello's Speech before the Senate

F. Beaumont and D. Fletcher


John Milton

Song on May Morning

The Cottager and His Landlord

John Dryden

A Storm in Harvest


Oliver Goldsmith

The Deserted Village

Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog

William Cowper. The Negro's Complaint

The Miser and the Mouse

Principle Put to the Test

William Blake

Laughing Song


Is This a Holy Thing

Robert Burns

A Man's a Man for A' That

John Anderson

John Barleycorn

A Red, Red Rose

My Heart's in the Highlands

William Wordsworth

Written in March

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

The Sun has Long Been Set

To My Sister

The Solitary Reaper

Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Sonnet

Robert Southey

Wat Tyler

The Battle of Blenheim

The Complaints of the Poor

George Gordon Byron

Translation of the Famous Greek War Song

Song for the Luddites

Sonnet on Chillon


She Walks in Beauty

I Saw Thee Weep

The Gladiator

We Were a Gallant Company


The Fire in which All Empires shall Expire..

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Son i to the Men of England

An Ode



The Cloud


John Keats

A Song about Myself


To Autumn

Keen Fitful Gusts are Whispering

The Grasshopper and the Cricket

Thomas Moore

Forget not the Field

Before the Battle

The Minstrel-Boy

Those Evening Bells

Leigh Hunt

The Glove and the Lions

Thomas Hood

The Song of the Shirt

Elizabeth Barret-Browning

The Cry of the Children

Amelia Opie. The Orphan Boy

Ernest Jones. The Song of the Wage-Slave

The Song of the Lower Classes

William Jones

Sons of Poverty

Alfred Tennyson

Nothing will Die

The Poet's Song

Robert Browning

How They Brought the Good News from Ghent

to Aix

Robert Bridges

London Snow

Mary Howitt

A Song of Experience

Alfred Edward Housman

A Shropshire Lad

Francis Adams

A South-Sea Islander

Jonathan M

Denwood. A Workers' Song

Patrick Rowe

In My Garret

A Lucky Dog

Henry Charles Beeching

Going down Hill on a Bicycle

Richard Michael Fox

A Song of Men

William Cullen Bryant

The Gladness of Nature

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Slave in the Dismal Swamp

The Slave's Dream

The Witnesses

The Brook and the Wave

The Golden Sunset

The Children's Hour

The Song of Hiawatha

Walt Whitman. To a Foil'd European Revolutionnaire

О Captain! My Captain!

Come up from the Fields, Father

On the Beach, at Night

James Russell Lowell

The Fountain

John Neihardt

The Cry of the People

Berton Braley

The Bread-Line

Michael Gold

120 Million

Alphabetic Vocabulary