Обложка Bunin I. Stories and Poems
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Stories and Poems

520 с. (English). Букинист. Состояние: 4+. В суперобложке.
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ABOUT BUNIN BY ALEXANDER TVARDOVSKY. TRANSLATED BY OLGA SHARTSE STORIES Apple Fragrance The Village Sukhodol The Last Rendez-vous The Gentleman from San Francisco Light Breathing Love Sunstroke Lika Shadowed Paths The Raven POEMS "As in a boundless sea in darkening fields and meadows..." "No birds in sight. The ailing forest slowly..." In the Steppe In Imitation of Pushkin To My Motherland "A tenuous light has spilled over the sleeping world..." "I came into her room at night..." "Your hand I take gently and gaze at it long, and your eyes..." The Pleiades "A secret whispering runs through the woodland world..." Autumn (A fragment) After the Spring Flood Dusk "Upon a mountain summit, clad in snow..."..............

"By the goddess of sorrow a cup of dark wine I was given..."

Inscription on a Cup


Down Secret Paths

Eastward Leads the Path

The Golden Fishnet

"Through dark green garden lace and dusty curtains seeping..."


The Stone Idol

In an Estuary

The Bedouin

A Farewell

The Temple of the Sun

The Archipelago

The Fisherwoman

The Dog



An Argument

"The camel snorts. He won't get up..."


The Last Bumblebee

Undimming Light

"The finches and their glassy, artificial..."

"I walk about the proud, transparent garden..."

"In the park at night it might be April..."

"Агиге skies, flowers and bumblebees, wheat ears and grasses..."

"A bird has its own nest, a beast its lair..."

"The sadness in your lowered shiny lashes..."



"Again those cold grey skies, the same old tiresome route..."